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P.Hom., R.S.Hom.(NA), CCH, R.C.Hom., PhD.(Hom-spiritual)

World-renowned spiritual teacher and professor of homeopathy, Vega Rozenberg innovated using spiritual training to teach people to become expert homeopaths. He wisely saw that healers must evolve spiritually to help others truly improve their lives. Through Universal Affluence, Vega offers his spiritual training to you, regardless of your profession.

Vega Rozenberg is the worlds most adept homeopath and a brilliant scholar of Kabbalah, the books of Jewish mysticism. Founding Evolution of Self School of Homeopathy (ESSH) in 1986 in New York, he relocated it to Arizona in 1992 and opened a branch in Israel in 2002. Vega conducts seminars throughout North America as well as England, Ireland and other parts of Europe.

Vega Rozenberg draws on his experience with over 35,000 homeopathic cases from around the world, and his many years of spiritual teaching. He creatively utilizes insights from:

· The Old Testament language, Biblical related writings

· Science, Metaphysics, History

· Anthropology, Movies, Pop-culture

· Success literature, Economics, Business, Medicine, Health, Healing

Vega Rozenberg uses ancient wisdom to teach new ways to look at yourself and evolve spiritually. Your spiritual growth can enrich you by bringing abundance to all areas of your life. A spiritual master, Vega has taught for many years affecting profoundly the people hes touched.

Vega Rozenberg rejects attempts to make him a guru and his seminars definitely are not a quiet meditation. He evokes profound spiritual changes to bring you greater harmony. He teaches you how to embrace your angels and how to defeat the hidden enemies of your spiritual existence. His illuminating training is immediately applicable and enduring.

Born in Israel, Vega Rozenbergs style is passionate, personal, entertaining, bold, kind, funny, spicy and enormously appealing. His knowledge of the Kabbalah is incomparable and his skill in bringing those venerable concepts to life is legendary. He is sought after as a teacher, speaker, leader and consultant for his expertise, warmth and charisma.

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